Comfort, adaptability and healthy rest.

Colchón Viscoelástica de fibra natural

Natural System

This Natural System mattress features exclusive linen and natural fibres fabric.

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This applied gel mattress is adhesive free all over the viscoelastic layer.

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Colchón Viscoelástica
Colchón de Viscoelástica capitoné


Nephertum mattress is our most exquisite mattress.

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Dúodescanso mattress offers a grey shades attractive and technological fabric.

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Colchón Viscoelástica de grafeno
Colchón Viscoelástica con núcleo air confort


The Ilusión mattress combines a memory foam layer on each side with a HR air confort nucleus.

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Enjoy a soothing sleep with soft tropical fruit scents and embrace the smooth viscoelastic touch.

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Colchón Viscoelástica con aroma
Sobrecolchón Viscoelástica sobrecolchón


Topper VISCO (mattress topper) will add comfort and adaptability to your former mattress.

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