We help the world

to feel the difference.

A new era has come to stay since the end of 2019.
Since then we have been working to help people transform their new world. Comodon Care presents a way to care and take care of yourself. We provide high-quality, approved and certified hygienic masks to millions of people and make sure they feel a real difference. As manufacturers, we have a duty to generate a positive impact on people, that is why we are expert mattress manufacturers since 1985,
offering solutions in sanitary mattresses with great potential to improve the lives of millions of people.

Proud health caregives.

As healthcare providers, our goal is to make differentiated products, as we only make them when we believe we can change the way people see them. We create a different approach to the products we make. Our commitment is to develop new products that guarantee the well-being of people. Our moral compass defines the way we care about helping others, contributing with our grain of sand. Not all needs are equal, that is why we adapt to our clients, but always with the same approach to offer the best products.

A safe choice.


From Comodon Care we manufacture high quality 4-layer masks that comply with the UNE0064 standard, all under the Made in Spain seal. With a filtration efficiency greater than 99.20%, we provide a product of the highest quality, guaranteeing always what is most important to us, the safety of our millions of customers around the world.

Sleep safe,

live better.

A new way of caring for others is to think about a healthy and safe rest. The values ​​that we represent have made us equip hospitals across the country with our sanitary mattresses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of health mattresses manufactured by Comodon Care have provided shelter to people in need who have experienced a new awakening.