Comodon Help The World Feel A Real Difference.

We created COMODONcare to help the people who make up our community. We think that a donation of 40,000 masks to all educational centers in the municipality of Yecla, it is a way to expose our DNA, giving back to society what it gives us. “

That’s how the intervention of Jose Pascual Lopez, General Director of Comodon, began.

Previously, Fausto Ortuño, CEO of Comodon, presented the launch of the new brand called COMODONcare, from the Comodon group. This new branch aims to cover a latent need in the health sector thanks to the manufacture of hygienic masks, both disposable and reusable, as well as health mattresses for hospitals and residences.

Comodon called an extraordinary press conference to announce the donation of 40,000 hygienic masks to distribute to all the educational centers of Yecla, both schools, institutes and training centers of medium and higher degrees. With this donation it is intended to protect thousands of students, as well as the teachers of the municipality, in order to guarantee a safe and continuous way of study.

A tradition of social commitment that is manifesting itself again. During this new change that is being experienced, Comodon has always wanted to be part of it, supporting what has been possible. First, it was manufacturing 1,500 mattresses for the field hospital, setting up at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid. Then with the donation of dozens of mattresses for hospitals and hotels that have provided shelter services for the assistance of patients due to COVID19 and, now, they have also wanted to donate 40,000 masks to continue protecting thousands of people who today can be calmer thanks to COMODONcare.

The presentation ceremony took place at the Comodon facilities, in Yecla, where directors of schools and institutes were present, together with Remedios Lajara, Councilor for Education of the Yecla City Council.

Once again, Comodon demonstrates its solidarity and commitment to people, in this case with all our neighbors in the municipality of Yecla. ” Remedios Lajara concluded.

This action was carried out thanks to the support of the Yecla City Council, which has been in charge of delivering the 40,000 donated masks to all educational centers, favoring agile logistics so that they arrive as soon as possible to all of the students benefited with this donation.