Comodon Sleep Safe COVID19 FREE

Since the global spread of the pandemic began, Comodon has working to ensure customer safety by manufacturing a virus-free product. This has been possible thanks to the Sanitized® additives, protecting the synthetic fabrics, as well as the continuous disinfections that are carried out in the main facilities.

The Sanitized® treatment protects polyester fabrics with additives, which reduce the viral load of COVID19 by up to 99%. These additives have been validated by different independent laboratories, which certify the quality of the textile as well as it´s protection. The product has been tested by Sanitized® T99-9, showing it´s effectiveness against COVID19 in accordance with ISO18184: 2019. Said tests have been carried out using samples of the virus that has structures and mechanisms reminiscent of SARS-COV2, facilitating inferences for COVID19.

These tests have been carried out successfully for several years in the fabrics industry, applying these additives to prevent bacteria and other microbes from being deposited on the products and thus protect them against the formation of stains and unpleasant odors. Now it has been officially demonstrated that it´s effectiveness also reaches COVID19, so we can ensure a fabrics free of viral load. Sanitized® T99-19 uses propietary ammonia silane based technology.

Additives are the perfect tool for antiviral mattress treatment. The product remains completely intact, which guarantees that it will continue to offer excellent protection against bacteria, maintaining the quality of the fabric at all times.

Comodon wants to offer the possibility of treatment to all mattress fabrics, without changing it´s aesthetic appearance, touch or smell of the fabric.