Our work philosophy at Colchón Comodón is based in high standards regarding to work, customer service and the manufacturing of outstanding quality products.

Colchón Comodón is one of the leaders in resting solutions in the country, updating their merchandise to adapt to the new market trends and always offer innovating and high quality products. With our many years of experience in this field, we offer 5 years warranty on all of our products.

Material innovation and our pioneering manufacturing technology, turn our products into highly competitive pieces. Colchón Comodón offers a wide variety of materials, such as memory foam, latex, foam … We carry out our own research and innovation to provide our clients with simply the best products, like our Patented dorsal system, a resting solution designed to supply firmness, resistance and durability to our mattresses.

We work very hard every day to bring trendy products to a market that must evolve each and every single day.