Grand Opening Comodon Taiwan

Comodon always strives to stay one step ahead of evolution. Proof of this innovative character is the opening of the new facilities. Something unique on the planet happened on October 8, 2020, in Taipei, Taiwan, as the Grand Opening of the world’s first Unmanned Showroom took place. This event was an unforgettable staging for the Comodon brand in Asia. Comodon’s partners, Antonio Almodovar, José Pascual López and Fausto Ortuño could not be present due to the current situation experienced by COVID19. Those who were there were the partners who have made all this possible, Vivi Liu and Ruru Liu. The energy transmitted by these incredible facilities represents a turning point for the Comodon firm on an international level, establishing Taiwan as a strategic center.

A careful selection of products enter the scene in the new store. Comodon’s confidence suggests a new change in the world through the sleep you dreamt off, maintaining a DNA that has been perfected over the years, a symbol of quality and elegance, which appear as a constant in each production process, following the principle of tradition.

In order to access the new showroom, it is necessary to previously register the visit at: Once we have the reservation made, we receive a code to enter upon arrival and thus be able to enjoy a unique and private experience. Once inside, we can serve ourselves an Asian tea, water or coffee, which will elevate our emotions to a new dimension. This space has two floors where we can have a fabulous walk through the universe of Comodon rest. On the lower floor we have the Värme model as the protagonist, visible from the window, a natural model that symbolizes the company’s know-how and exposes a higher level of rest. The tour continues with one of the pieces most recognized by customers, the Dogma model, an expression of the best dream. In the upper part we see iconic pieces such as the Viscodorsal, a model that has technology patented by Comodon, next to it are the Yogui youth mattress and the prestigious Cooler, which has a Cooler Fresh cold textile that is capable of reducing body temperature and accelerate the initial phase of sleep to obtain an improved rest.

During the event, the partners José Pascual López and Fausto Ortuño, as well as Miguel Serna, Branding & Hospitality Manager of Comodon Spain, were present through videoconference, where they were able to highlight the tremendous illusion that facilities such as those inaugurated represent, auguring a great success and making a difference that will position Comodon as one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the entire Asian continent.

A new era has come to stay between us, and Comodon is undoubtedly part of this great change. Welcome to the new CHAOS, welcome to Comodon Taiwan.