What are you looking for when you travel to a new city?

We asked ourselves the same question years ago and we understood that travel must be a unique experience, where we live exciting moments combined with the desire to feel at home. Whether we explore the world and new cultures or rest after a fun night or a hard day at work. During that search we must feel relaxed. This is the reason, Comodon Hospitality, has participated in hospitality equipment for years, allowing the user to tell their own story. Find the energy needed to face new challenges, expose all your potential in a business meeting or simply exploring each corner of a city. We travel to feel alive and awake.

At Comodon Hospitality, we place all the attention to detail required to utilized products within the hospitality industry and with this, we are able to provide a product designed and manufactured to ensure the most outstanding sleep.

Your own quality of life.

The main reason we do what we do is to improve quality of life. When we sleep, the body recovers. Therefore, having a proportionate rest will allow for our energy and happiness to multiply and to achieve a fully activated brain.

One of the recipes to have a better day lies in rest. So, As specialists in dreams, we have been perfecting our DNA for years and appears as a constant in every product

by following the principle of tradition.

This DNA creative channels synergies to create differentiated products, constantly looking for new solutions, materials and formulas to offer mattresses of a superior level for both home and hotel projects.

The base of all is to provide deep, quality sleep, the kind of sleep that offers you the opportunity to unleash the full potential within you.

A perfect fusion between machinery and artisan hands.

The human quality of nonconformity and attention to detail.
True artisan hands, know how to perfectly manipulate each and every part of the materials used taking care of them, pampering them, understanding them and making the best of them, ensuring absolute uniformity to the finish product.

The mattress is a product that is manufactured to transmit emotions and to be appreciated by all. The time to arrive home and being able to lie down on a great mattress is one of the most pleasant feelings in life. Feel how the body melts, relaxes, recovers, both inside and out, it is an incredible feeling.
How to transmit all this feelings to such a small product? It is a matter of knowledge, experience and artisan know-how.

Sleeping is one of the most important things we do every day

Do you think that luxury furniture will give the client vitality? Can a luxurious space satisfy the human need for sleep? What we are capable of manufacturing it´s not only luxury products, we make luxury the dream.

Products with soul, capable of awakening our inner power, creating optimal rest.
We can experience this fantastic sensation on all Comodon’s mattresses.

future with soul.

An ideal support
and a complete

These are our basic ingredients. Flexible supports so your muscles can relax. Firm supports where your body can recover the energy you need by keeping your spine straight. Comodon designs mattresses to cover all-natural sleeping cycles without interruptions.

This will help your brain enjoy the time it needs to consolidate memories, improve memory and develop new neural patterns.