Memory Foam

Comfort, adaptability and healthy rest.


Sleep is essential for a healthy life and stay fresh while you sleep is important to sleep easily and improve our quality of sleep.

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Numa, a modern mattress, current, and with its own identity by design embroidery on the fabric sides and innovative.

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Hades mattress immerses you in a firm and ergonomic.

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Colchón Viscoelástica con núcleo air confort


The Ilusión mattress combines a memory foam layer on each side with a HR air confort nucleus.

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Enjoy a soothing sleep with soft tropical fruit scents and embrace the smooth viscoelastic touch.

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Colchón Viscoelástica con aroma
Sobrecolchón Viscoelástica sobrecolchón


Topper VISCO (mattress topper) will add comfort and adaptability to your former mattress.

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Alpine model is a mattress made with a topper on the top to sleep on a surface with good density and adaptability. Furthermore, this model has a special core of viscoelastic components to obtain a mattress with exceptional comfort.

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New Hidrogel

The new model Hidrogel, is a mattress that has a excellent thermal regulation originated by gel memory foam layers that provide a great body adaptability and extra comfort.

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Urban model has a HR AIR CONFORT foam core and several comfort-adaptability layers. A medium firm mattress, with pleasant reception and excellent value for money.

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A good rest is essential, so in Comodon we have mattresses with thermoregulation technology such as Boston.

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