Floating and individual distribution of weights thanks to its 9 cm core.

It is made of a solid reinforced pine wood frame, becoming in the perfect base to give volume to your rest.

Swebed is a base made with an internal 23 mm pinewood structure and four horizontal reinforcement bars so that your mattress rests on a firm, durable surface.

This fabric upholstered bed base, features a double structured steel tube reinforcement.

Upholstered bed bases bring a flat stiff surface for the highest performance of any mattress. They are highly recommended.

This base is firm and ideal as a support of your mattress, its structure is formed by a set of two upholstered bases that are colocated one below the other like a nest.

We are happy to introduce to you the slatted Plus bed frame.

Comodon brings you a beech slatted bed frame offering an affordable and complete option.

Multi slatted adjustable bed frame for clients seeking the ideal and healthiest sleeping, relaxing and resting position.