The Viscodorsal mattress is one of the exclusive mattresses of our brand because it offers an adaptability and incomparable firmness by reinforcing the spring cover with the Dorsal Patented System, a manufacturing method that gives the mattress durability, resistance and excellent comfort.

The New Ensyvisco model is the greatest achievement of resting system evolution. This pocket springs mattress is ideal for clients seeking a top performance resting solution.

A hight- density 600 gr. thick layer prevents pealing and combines top quality stretch and foam, adding support and comfort.

A gel mattress with a good firmness is an innovative option to get a perfect rest. Cooler Box is adaptability, comfort and insuperable firmness by its bagged springs core and gel memory foam layers, a good choice to get a calm, fresh and 100% restful sleep.

The Amanecer mattress combines the firmness of the Bonell spring core with the softness and adaptability of the extra soft HR Air Comfort and the memory foam, achieving, this way, a feeling of wellbeing that will induce a good rest.

The Dogma pocketed spring mattress includes 1500 springs and a comfortable and soft feeling, thanks to the flexibility offered by the side to side memory foam fabric and its pocketed spring cover made out of 1.500 pocket springs.