Storage Beds

Very practical and multifunctional product.


Ceres is a model that has a modern and practical design suitable for any bedroom with its own identity.

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Canapés capitoné Nephertum


This Alaska fabric lift up / storage bed features a distinctive diamond upholstered touch on its sides and provides with a firm base for your mattress, achieving this way an outstanding sleep.

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This elegant faux leather lift up / storage bed provides with a strong base for your mattress achieving a top quality sleep.

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Canapés polipiel Napoli
Canapés polipiel Maxi


According to its name, it utilizes otherwise unused space. Apart from a bed, it also provides a wardrobe, which you can add to your bedroom space.

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We are proud to bring you a simple, elegant yet affordable sleep solution so we can please all our clients and bring them comfort and wellbeing through our lift up / storage bed frames.

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Canapés blanco Pompeya


This frame will bring a distinctive touch to your bedroom. Available in white, cherry or wenge colours it elicits elegance and class.

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The Eco-logic storage bed brings functionality to the bedroom. It combines an extra comfortable and inviting resting system and a versatile and spacious storage area.

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Canapés ecológico


Eco4 is a very practical model with a top quality wood finish. The white, cherry or wenge wood available finishes provide an elegant touch.

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