Comodon And The Hero´s Responsability

Some of you May Forget what we do, but never Forget what we make them feel. With this principle in mind, Comodon has actively participantes with various groups, organizations and public and private instituciones to supply hospital with the necessary means to face the crisis of the deadliest virus known to date in our country since the beginning of March 2020 in Spain. The firm placed it´s facilities at the government disposal from the first moment, being of the first companies to offer their support.

These unprecedented events has forced the construcción of a field hospital at the IFEMA Madrid fairground by the Army, firefighters, health workers and operators to give oxygen to the central hospital of the Madrid’s community.

Comodon, working tirelessly, has manufactured nearly 1,500 mattresses giving priority to the tasks of social responsibility and working very hard to help thousands of people in difficult times.

The shortage of personal protective equipment throughout the country has forced many national companies to set aside their activity and start manufacturing masks, gowns and hospital caps.

More than 100,000 masks have been manufactured by Comodon to provide a solution to the existing problem in the crisis period. In addition, masks, gowns and Protective caps, have also been manufactured, in collaboration with partner companies of the firm. 

An intense work, without rest, where the greatest reward is to help a country in need by presenting, once again, the DNA that identifies Comodon as a benchmark in both the professional field as in it´s humanitarian nature.

In harmony with its spirit to provide solutions and offer it´s help, the need for beds at the General Public Hospital of Tomelloso has allowed Comodon to help by providing mattresses in it´s expansion that, due to the overflow suffered in the recent weeks, they have been forced to perform out of a need for beds, making the most of the built spaces.

The important thing is not what Comodon is capable of, but what it can do for others. Sometimes you choose to be a hero. Finally, we want to thank each and every one of the brave hospital staff as well as all the enforcement officers. The greatest admiration for the work performed during this crisis. Comodon is very proud of you.